Riga is a popular sailing destination on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. For sailors, the region offers a diverse sailing experience and a network of more than 50 marinas along the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, visiting small fishing villages and beautiful wild nature spots, as well as large and thriving port cities, popular resorts and gourmet restaurants.

The eastern shore of the Baltic Sea stretches 2,400 nautical miles along the coasts of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (45 nautical miles in Lithuania, 286 nautical miles in Latvia and 2,051 nautical miles in Estonia). The shortest route across the Baltic Sea connects the Latvian coast with Sweden - 80 nautical miles and Estonia with Finland - 25 nautical miles. There are more than 2,200 larger and smaller islands along the coast.

The Port of Riga provides a comfortable and safe stay in 5 state-of-the art and well-equipped marinas.  Berthing in the very center of Riga provides many advantages – all city attractions can be easily discovered.  Sailors can fully enjoy both the historical charm of the Hanseatic city and its diverse historical heritage, as well as offers of the developed tourism industry and modern economy.

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