jahtu piestatnes

5 well-equipped marinas and a 15-minute walk to the center of Riga and the Old Town.

Yachts of any size can enter the port of Riga (GPS 57°04’02N 24°00’43E) without length, height and draught restrictions. Navigation for yachts and recreational craft is allowed in the entire water area of the Port of Riga. There are no tides in the port, but the water level can fluctuate mainly due to wind impact in the range from -1m to + 1m from zero mark.

The Port of Riga provides a comfortable and safe stay in 5 state-of-the art and well-equipped marinas, as well as provides services for super yachts at the Riga Passenger Terminal. Berthing in the very center of Riga provides many advantages - a 15-minute walk to the Old Town of Riga, visits to shops, museums and art galleries of the largest metropolis of the Baltic States.

  • Motor yachts have easy access to 4 fuel stations.
  • Yachts in the Port of Riga are exempt from Port dues and shall just pay a private merchant for services at berth.

For convenient and safe navigation: