The FPRA is responsible for the maintenance of the railway infrastructure in the territory of the Freeport, which includes the current railway infrastructure reconstruction, renovation, development and modernization, as well as development and modernization of related projects. Deadline for completion of works - within the framework of the Action Plan 2019 - 2021. 

Current works:

Reconstruction of track switch (Kundziņsala)

Capital repair of railway track No.16 and switch gear No.19 

Reconstruction of the railway crossing in Uriekstes Street

Reconstruction of the Rīnūži railway crossing

Repair of the railway crossing on the railway track No.500 in Kundziņsala (in the direction of  the SIA “Riga fertilizer terminal”) 

Design of railway crossing over track No.100 in Parādes Street and Silikātu Street 

Installation of individual lighting control system and replacement of existing spotlights with LED spotlights in the railway park “Kundziņsala”