Positive public attitude and support for port operation is an essential precondition for the development of any modern port. Being aware of its social responsibility the Freeport of Riga Authority has been always focused on implementation of the important task - to promote a dialogue with people of Latvia, providing information about the port and its contribution to the national economy. Lectures, presentations, excursions to the port, interactive competitions and games, as well as the annual “Port Festival” events are organized with the aim to raise public awareness of the port operation. In cooperation with educational institutions, projects for schoolchildren and students in the fields of economics, transport, logistics, environment, engineering and maritime sciences are being implemented. 

Together with the Latvian Maritime Administration, the Latvian Maritime Academy and other maritime educational institutions, various activities are organized to support maritime education in Latvia and to help young people to get more information about the port operation and the professional opportunities.  The Freeport of Riga Authority provides internships in the Port of Riga, organizes “Ēnu diena (Shadow Day)” events every year and supports the annual maritime competition “Enkurs” for secondary school students.

Ostas svētki 2019

2019  Port Festival

Ēnu diena 2019.

2019  Shadow Day

Osta pilsētai 2017

2017 Creative work competition for students “Port for the City”