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Kundziņsalas nosusināšana

This year on November 25, by the decision of the City Development Department of the Riga City Council, the drainage system of the Kundziņsala residential area has been commissioned. The drainage system project was implemented by order of the Freeport of Riga Authority with the aim to reduce the flooding risks in one of the most populated neighborhoods in the territory of the Port of Riga. A new drainage system and pumping station have been built in Kundziņsala within the project.

The relief of the Kundziņsala residential area has the shape of a depression, as a result of which this area has historically been exposed to the risk of flooding in spring or during heavy rains. About 450 people currently reside on the island, and their gardens are facing flood risks during prolonged rains, when fruit trees and basements are being damaged and local residents have to move around their property on footbridges. The efficiency of the newly built infrastructure can be fully assessed only in the first long-term rainfall or thaw, however, already in the final construction phase, the residents of Kundziņsala reported a decrease in the groundwater level.

It should be noted that during the project development, the Freeport Authority was supported by the residents' association, which helped to provide necessary coordination with the landowners on whose properties the construction of the drainage route was planned. As many owners do not live in Latvia, the coordination would have been significantly longer without the involvement of the association. “The project was not only technically complex, but also time consuming due to all the necessary approvals. We are satisfied with the good cooperation with the port, as well as the successful completion of the project”, said M. Kromans.

“Today the sustainability of the organization is characterized not only by positive financial indicators, but also by its goals and performance in addressing environmental and social responsibility challenges. It is important for us that the growth of the port and modernization of the infrastructure go hand in hand with the compliance with environmental standards, as well as the quality of life of the adjacent territory residents”, said Ansis Zeltins, the Freeport of Riga CEO, emphasizing the role of communication and dialogue in developing relations between the Freeport Authority and the neighborhood residents.

“Kundziņsala is historically one of the most active neighborhoods that has addressed the issue of port and population coexistence quite pragmatically. The mentioned project as well as other neighborhood development and improvement projects implemented in the Kundziņsala residential area provide an excellent example of cooperation and constructive dialogue, as a result of which a sustainable synergy has been created, from which both the residents and the port benefit, “added A. Zeltins.

Construction of the new traffic overpass from Tvaika Street to Kundziņsala has also been started in Kundziņsala this month. The aim of the project is to provide faster and more environmentally friendly cargo delivery to / from the port terminals in Kundziņsala – i.e. to reduce cargo transportation time, as well as reduce possible truck congestion and related emissions in the vicinity of the port.

The project will foster improvements in the infrastructure of the port areas. For the convenience of residents, it is planned to build a combined pedestrian and bicycle path across the new bridge, starting in the residential area of Kundziņsala, as well as to install lighting for the traffic lanes and sidewalks. The construction project involves the reconstruction of water supply and sewerage system main lines and inlets and the construction of new routes to ensure full-fledged water supply and wastewater collection services.

In recent years, Kundziņsala has become a robust cargo warehousing and logistics center, specializing mainly in container cargo handling. Currently, ~ 21% of all cargo turnover in the port of Riga is handled in this territory.

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