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Uzlabota jahtu ostu infrastruktūra

Since 2014, the Freeport of Riga Authority, in close cooperation with Riga marinas and with the financial support of the European Union, has been implementing extensive measures for the development of marina infrastructure.

Currently there are five yacht ports at the port of Riga on both banks of the Daugava, where yachts of any size can enter without restrictions on length, height and draft. Yachts and recreational craft are allowed to sail throughout all water area of the port of Riga.

“Riga and the port of Riga are naturally suitable for the development of marina infrastructure, so if we want to promote Riga and the port of Riga as an appropriate place for yachting in the Scandinavian and even the Baltic Sea region, we have to foster development of marinas’ infrastructure, providing our ideas, capacities and investments. When developing marinas, we see several benefits at once - it is an investment in a green and healthy lifestyle, in promotion of tourism development and, consequently, the recognition of Riga and Latvia, creating various additional businesses, such as yacht maintenance, catering and hospitality, urban tourism, ”pointed out Viesturs Zeps, Chairman of the Freeport of Riga Board.

The development of the marina infrastructure is implemented attracting both private investment and funds within the framework of projects co-financed by the European Union, and with the financial support of the Freeport of Riga. For example, work is currently underway on the ERDF Interreg Estonia-Latvia Cross-border Co-operation Program project “Improvement and Promotion of the East Baltic Coast Harbours Network, EST-LAT177“ (EASTBALTIC HARBOURS), which will open new opportunities for the Riga Sailing Sport Center managed by “Latvian Sailing Team” Association.

"We have received good feedback and praise at the international level for well-organized events, and discussions are currently taking place on the possibility of hosting the ORC European Sailing Championship in Riga in 2028. In order to host such high- level event, a number of essential preconditions shall be met, including both organizational and appropriate infrastructure issues. We are currently working hard at our yacht club to address those issues - we are building an administrative building, planning to build additional berths equipped with drinking water and electricity supply, we are also working on the installation of toilet/shower containers and other infrastructure required for a modern marina, ”said Andrejs Buls , “Latvian Sailing Team” manager.

The Riga Sailing Sport Center is attracting fans of various water activities from Latvia and abroad. The most significant international event organized by the association, was the 2018 World Sailing Championship for Sport Yachts in the PLATU25 class, which was the first event of such scale in the history of Latvia.

The implementation of the EASTBALTIC HARBOURS project will increase the capacity of the Matrožu Street yacht port by about 30%, allowing to accommodate up to 130 yachts at a time. The developed infrastructure of the marina will allow the “Latvian Sailing Team” Association to face a new challenge and apply for the ORC European Championship (class of boats without restrictions) in 2028. Organizing such an event could attract from 100 to 200 yachts, as well as several thousand sportsmen and admirers of their talent, thus promoting the Freeport of Riga and the city of Riga internationally.



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