Fri, 05/31/2024 - 11:32
© AIDA Cruises Photo:Ralph Richter

© AIDA Cruises Photo:Ralph Richter

This morning, the ship AIDAdiva of the German cruise line AIDA Cruises has arrived at the port of Riga for its first visit. 2,384 tourists from 19 countries are on board, most of them from Germany.

 AIDAdiva is 251 meters long, 32 meters wide, boasting 14 decks and more than 1000 passenger staterooms (the ship's maximum capacity is 2500 passengers). The ship is designed to provide guests with a wide range of entertainment and leisure facilities, including theatre shows, concerts, cinema screenings, dance clubs, spa treatments, a fitness centre, sports areas and swimming pools. There are seven restaurants on board, offering traditional German cuisine as well as world cuisine.

Riga is the first of nine cruise ship stops on AIDAdiva's two-week itinerary. It will then visit Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, as well as several ports in Norway, concluding its sea cruise on 8 June in Warnemunde - Rostock, Germany.

AIDAdiva's visit is a long-awaited return of cruise company AIDA Cruises to Riga after a five-year pause caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a significant development for tourism in the city  confirming Riga's attractiveness as an excellent cruise destination. Tourists from Germany are one of Riga's biggest target groups and the return of such a large cruise line to Riga signifies that the negative impact of the geopolitical situation on tourism in the Baltics is receding. Restaurants and cafes in the Old Town will benefit from cruise passengers, providing an additional boost to business”, noted Ieva Lasmane, Head of the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency's Tourism Department.

AIDA Cruises is one of the best-known cruise lines in Europe, offering travellers the opportunity to enjoy sea journeys both within Europe and on more remote routes, visiting various countries and regions around the world. AIDA Cruises describes its passengers as people who appreciate comfort, quality entertainment, and love active recreation and adventure, enjoying time together with their families and friends.

During their stay in Riga, AIDAdiva passengers will enjoy various thematic excursions around the capital city - cultural and local tourism programmes and culinary tours; some of the ship's passengers will also go on excursions to Sigulda, Rundale and Bauska; there are also those who have chosen to go on guided walks along the marsh trails.

A total of 9 visits by AIDA Cruises ships are planned this year, the ship AIDAdiva will visit Riga five times this season, and in July and August in the port of Riga there will be an opportunity to welcome the cruise ship AIDAmar, and in October - the cruise ship AIDAluna.

For the 2024 cruise season, 67 ship calls are currently scheduled in the Port of Riga, which is 5 more calls than last year. 9 ships are scheduled to visit Riga for 2 days with an overnight stay in Riga, while 13 ships will visit the port for the first time. The season will run from April to December, when 5 cruise ships will call at the Port of Riga, half as many as at the end of 2023.

Information on the next cruise ships expected in Riga, as well as an update on the current seasonal cruise ship schedule is available on the Freeport of Riga Authority's website .