Positive public attitude and support for port operation is an essential precondition for the successful port development. Therefore, in compliance with the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, one of the most important tasks of the Freeport of Riga Authority is to promote a dialogue with the city residents, especially those living in the port territory and near the port, providing information about the port operation, future plans, new projects and their impact on the city resident well-being. 

The FPRA implements regular cooperation with port neighborhood associations, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions. Every year, the FPRA provides support for important social, educational, cultural and sports events. By implementing a socially responsible policy, the FPRA participates in the most ambitious national cultural and environmental events. It provides an opportunity to address diverse strata of Latvian society, speaking different languages and having different culture and traditions. The main pillars of the corporate social responsibility policy implemented by the Freeport of Riga Authority:

  • cooperation with the residents of the neighborhood;
  • environment protection and environment  quality improvement;
  • public education about port operation;
  • preservation of the port's historical heritage.

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