Aids to navigation (AtoNs) - lighthouses, light beacons, lead marks, buoys, etc., in the port of Riga comply with International Association of Maritime Navigation and Lighthouse Administrations (IALA) region A system

The Harbour Master is responsible for the operation and location of navigational aids in the territory of the Port of Riga. The Latvian Maritime Administration monitors and controls the operation of AtoNs in the port, as well as collects information on aids to navigation and ensures its availability to seafarers.

Any aid to navigation in the port territory may be installed only upon coordination with the Harbour Master and the Latvian Maritime Administration.


The Freeport of Riga Authority operates 15 lighthouses located on the way to the port of Riga in the entire coastal area of the Gulf of Riga, starting with the Irbe lighthouse and Miķeļbāka lighthouse, which show the way in the Irbe Strait, and ending with the Ainaži lighthouse at the Estonian border.

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