Infrastructure Finished
FG dambis
FG dambis2
FG dambis3

The Freeport of Riga Authority has completed the reconstruction of the historical coast reinforcement of the main fairway or the FG dam. It is located in the territory of the Freeport of Riga, on the left bank of the Daugava near Ķīpsala and stretches for 1.51 km.

The FG dam was built from 1889 to 1891 as a structure regulating the flow at the left bank of the Daugava. Together with the CDE dam it provides a system of dams created on the left bank of the Daugava for the riverbed reinforcement and port building. The dam system is of key importance for navigation at the port of Riga, protecting the main shipping channel and access to the Riga Passenger Terminal from landslides 

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