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The number of powerful export-capable manufacturing companies, expanding their activities at the Port of Riga, is constantly growing. They transfer the port into a successful business cluster, where logistics opportunities contribute to the development of manufacturing, while production fosters development of logistics services.

One of the top 5 Latvian exporting construction and manufacturing companies – the JSC “BMGS”, has also located its manufacturing facility in the territory of the Port of Riga. The JSC “BMGS” is one of the leading Latvian construction companies with more than 70 years of operational experience, which specializes not only in the construction of complex hydrotechnical and civil structures, but also produces high-quality steel structures, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and ready-mixed concrete for any type of building constructions.

In the territory of the Port of Riga, where the company's reinforced concrete structure plant is located, structures for port berths and various products necessary for the construction of railway infrastructure equipment - catenary support foundations, passenger platforms, reinforced concrete slabs of railway and pedestrian crossings, as well as elements used in the construction of buildings - wall and ceiling panels, beams and columns, are being produced. The structures manufactured by the JSC “BMGS” are exported to Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark and other European countries, as well as used at various construction sites here in Latvia, including port territories.

“Our experience in working with complex infrastructure facilities has allowed the company to strengthen its position not only locally, but also in export markets. The BMGS manufacturing unit, which employs about 100 employees, is especially noteworthy in this area. Our structures have been used not only in the projects implemented in the port of Riga, but also in the ports of Liepaja, Ventspils, Salacgriva and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in Klaipeda, Lithuania and Paldiski, Estonia. Hydrotechnical construction has always been one of the “BMGS” priority areas. More than a hundred implemented projects in reconstructed and built ports on the shores of the Baltic Sea serve as proof of our achievements. We believe that a developed and modern port infrastructure is a very important key to economic performance,” noted Svetlana Afanasyeva, Chairman of the JSC “BMGS” Board.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete structures are manufactured in advance, at the JSC "BMGS" production facility, which is equipped with modern production lines, while the assembly of finished elements is carried out at construction sites. The JSC “BMGS”’s operational compliance with the highest quality standards is monitored by the JSC “Inspecta Latvia”. The quality management system, developed according to the said standards, is integrated into the manufacturing process. The JSC “BMGS” operates in various industries, for example, the company is being involved in civil engineering construction in Sweden, providing clients with a full service cycle – i.e. design, production and assembly on site.

“The development course chosen by the Freeport of Riga Authority – to make the port a high added value industrial area, where both modern logistics service providers, powerful manufacturing facilities, and research and innovation companies will help every entrepreneur to grow and develop, as well as to find new competitiveness-enhancing synergies and strategic partners within the framework of the port cluster in the future,” commented Ansis Zeltiņš, the Freeport of Riga CEO.

The commercial cluster of the Freeport of Riga consists of about 200 companies, including 36 stevedoring companies (cargo handling terminals), production facilities, warehouse companies and providers of various port services. The Freeport of Riga business cluster provides jobs for more than 4000 employees.

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