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military mobility

The Port of Riga has completed a number of major construction projects to improve the port's infrastructure, which will significantly enhance the military mobility of the allies and boost the port's commercial competitiveness. The works include a significant extension of the port’s berth, making it possible to accommodate and process more quickly not only larger container ships and ro-ro vessels, but also military vessels transporting military cargo.

The project “Increasing the dual use capacity of the Port of Riga” is being implemented under a tripartite agreement between the Freeport of Riga Authority, the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Agency (CINEA) and SIA “Baltic Container Terminal” (BCT).

The new extended berth KS-34 was put into operation at the beginning of June, completing the “Extension of the berth line” section of the project implemented by SIA “Baltic Container Terminal”. The berth was extended by building an additional section and extending it by 57.3 metres, so the overall length of the BCT berth line, combining three berths, has reached a total of 506.3 meters.

Due to the extended berth line, it will be possible to simultaneously accommodate two large vessels - container ships, ro-ro vessels (cargo ferries) or military vessels at the BCT terminal, as well as vessels up to 340 metres in length. As a result, the loading and unloading process will be accelerated, increasing the terminal's efficiency and commercial competitiveness. As the terminal also accommodates military vessels, military mobility will also be significantly improved.

At the same time, the Freeport of Riga Authority has announced a tender for dredging works at the reconstructed part of berth KS-34, as foreseen in the project, to ensure full functionality of the berth by the end of the year.

In June, another major project milestone was completed - the rebuilt level crossing at Uriekstes Street near the port control post to Kundziņsala was completed and put into operation. Currently, until the construction of the traffic overpass from Tvaika Street to Kundziņsala, the level crossing is the only link for rail traffic to the Kundziņsala port terminals, which handle commercial and military cargo.

During the reconstruction works of the level crossing, the current double-span reinforced concrete overpasses were dismantled, the water and sewerage collectors of SIA ”Rīgas ūdens” were rebuilt and a new embankment was constructed. At the same time, the pavement and asphalt concrete surface, which had been in unsatisfactory condition, were restored. The previously non-existent storm water drainage system was built, the structure of the level crossing was reinforced and renewed, the rail grid was replaced and the existing rubber sheet coverings was replaced with reinforced concrete slabs, which will contribute to a longer lasting operation of the level crossing.

The project “Increasing the dual use capacity of the Port of Riga” was launched in May 2023 with the conclusion of a tripartite agreement. To date, the reconstruction of the Kundziņsala road and railway bridge was completed in compliance with the project, while the project phase “Reconstruction of the motorway from the Kundziņsala railway bridge over Sarkandaugava to the container terminal in Kundziņsala” was completed at the end of last year. The section of the motorway leading to the Kundziņsala terminals currently boasts a well-maintained roadway, as well as a new storm water drainage system and modern, energy-efficient LED lighting. One level crossing was rebuilt as well during this phase of the project.

Construction work is now well underway to complete the final phase of the project – construction of the road from the BCT container terminal to the freight vehicle parking area in Kundziņsala. This phase is scheduled to be completed by October this year. All activities under the project are expected to be fully completed by the end of 2024.


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