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Zaļās inovācijas, Jaunmīlgrāvja ostas kompānija

One of the leading stevedoring companies in the timber cargo segment of the Port of Riga, SIA “Jaunmīlgrāvja ostas kompānija”, has completed its two-year project “Green Innovations with Digitized Loading Process". In order to improve the speed and energy efficiency of cargo handling, the project involved the installation of an electrically powered crane and the implementation of a special system to digitize and automate the cargo handling process in terms of weighing, handling and storage.

The electric -powered mobile crane, adapted to the needs of the company SIA “Jaunmīlgrāvja ostas kompānija”, enables the handling of larger vessels and heavier cargoes, while providing up to 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to previous cargo handling technologies. The company's clients will enjoy high quality service and save costs in the future. The introduction of a digitized loading system has increased the efficiency of client transport, reducing harmful emissions and avoiding excessive load on trucks.

“We are pleased that the project has been successfully completed and we are now able to offer our customers services that are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more efficient, reducing the time and costs previously required to handle cargo. Competitiveness and productivity are important to us and to our customers, so investing in business development, digital and energy-efficient solutions is an important prerequisite for long-term cooperation,” said Jeļena Ryabaya, SIA “Jaunmīlgrāvja ostas kompānija” Board member.

“We are delighted to welcome every Port of Riga terminal that invests in smart and energy-efficient solutions. Achieving climate neutrality and Green Port objectives, as well as being part of the green logistics corridors, is one of the Port of Riga's focus areas. We all need to take into account that the European transport and logistics sector will soon become significantly greener, based on automation, zero-emission technologies and renewable energy. We are also clearly aware that the competitiveness of the port's business and its safety and sustainability are not possible without digitization, innovation and the implementation of smart solutions," said Ansis Zeltiņš, the Freeport of Riga CEO, at the project's closing event.

The two-year project has been a valuable experience for the port company. “In such projects, it is critical that all stakeholders are involved in achieving a common goal. We are already seeing and identifying further areas of development and investment needs, one of which is road infrastructure, that has a significant impact on both the sustainability of the outcomes of this project and the overall development of the company,” commented J.Ryabaya.

The project “Green Innovations with Digitized Loading Process” has been implemented and co-financed with support from the Norwegian Financial Instrument within the framework of the open call “Introduction of Green Innovations and Information and Communication Technology Products in Manufacturing”. The total project cost is EUR 1.3 million, with EUR 583.8 thousand in aid funding. Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe!

SIA “Jaunmīlgrāvja ostas kompānija” is one of the port's largest stevedoring companies and has been able to maintain a stable cargo throughput despite the challenges in the industry. In terms of transshipment volumes in 2023, it ranked among the top 10 stevedoring companies in the Port of Riga.

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