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In order to strengthen the development of the sailing sport and tourism sector, since 2014 the Riga Freeport Authority has been implementing various marina infrastructure improvement projects in cooperation with the yacht ports in the city of Riga.

This year, within the scope of the Interreg Estonia-Latvia Cross-border Co-operation Program project “Improvement and Promotion of the East Baltic Coast Harbours Network” EST-LAT177 (EASTBALTIC HARBOURS) the Riga Sailing Sport Center's marina on Matrožu Street, Ķīpsala, managed by the association “Latvian Sailing Team”, has been modernized. A new breakwater system was built - the existing breakwater was extended by half, and another - 64 m long breakwater/pier was built, which will protect the marina from the influence of strong North winds. Several new equipment elements - yacht mooring fingers, electricity and water supply pedestals, navigation buoys - were installed.

“We plan that the improvements made will increase the capacity of the marina by about 30%, ensuring our ability to accommodate up to 130 yachts at a time,” said Andrejs Buls, manager of the Riga Sailing Sport Center, head of the association “Latvian Sailing Team”.

The Riga Sailing Sport Center is attracting fans of various water activities from Latvia and abroad. It gained wider international recognition in 2018 thanks to the World Sailing Championship for Sport Yachts in the PLATU25 class, organized by the association, which was the first event of such scale in the history of Latvia.

“Negotiations are currently underway regarding the possibility of holding ORC European Championship (class of boats without restrictions) in Riga in 2027. In order to host a competition of this level, a number of essential prerequisites shall be met, which relate to both organizational and appropriate infrastructure issues. We are currently addressing these issues at the yacht club - in addition to the infrastructure improvements already made this year, we are building an administrative building, planning the installation of additional berths equipped with drinking water and electricity supply, we are also working on the installation of WC/shower containers and other infrastructure required for a modern marina, ”added Andrejs Buls , “Latvian Sailing Team” head.

More than 70 Latvian and Estonian ports are included in the EASTBALTIC HARBORS project's yacht port network, promoting the region to sailors from Scandinavia and other European countries. Within the framework of the project, the infrastructure and accessibility of yacht clubs are being improved, as well as several marketing activities have been launched to attract foreign sailors and to develop the image of Latvia as a sailing destination.

“More and more foreign yachtsmen consider our ports as an attractive destination for their summer voyage,” said Jūlija Jaunrodziņa, marketing specialist of the Riga Planning Region projects, emphasizing that the marina is also a good basis for the development of other technical services and business. “It has been calculated that every euro that is invested in the port’s infrastructure generates four euros ashore in the long term,” said J. Jaunrodziņa. “Where there are yachts, various technical services and other services will always be needed. Riga is very attractive for yachtsmen, because the port is located in the very center of the city, and it is also possible to receive all technical services here, moreover, at a very good level and certainly at a more competitive price than, for example, in Scandinavia, that is why we always promote it among international sailors.”

The delivery and installation of the equipment at the Matrožu Street marina was carried out by SIA “Forston,” which was selected according to an open procurement procedure.

As part of the EASTBALTIC HARBORS project, the Freeport of Riga Authority is also planning to invest in the Ķīpsala yacht port, which is managed by the association “Pilsētas Jahtklubs.”

Currently there are five yacht ports at the port of Riga on both banks of the Daugava, where yachts of any size can enter without restrictions on length, height and draft. Yachts and recreational craft are allowed to sail throughout all water area of the port of Riga.



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