Thu, 08/30/2018 - 12:29

Taking care to observe environmental protection requirements and protect the quality of life of those living in the urban areas adjacent to Krievu Island, the construction of a windbreak fence is in full swing on the periphery of the Krievu Island territory. The wind fence will be 23 meters high, ant its total length will be more than 2 kilometers. As it takes prevailing wind directions into account, the main task of the wind fence will be to prevent the spread of coal dust in the surrounding environment.

More than half the wind fence on the SIA STREK stevedore company’s territory has already been constructed – the fence bearing bases have been secured, most of the bearings have been mounted, and work is currently underway to install the wiring between the fence masts and the wind sieve. According to the set work schedule, construction of the fence on SIA STREK’s territory should be completed by the end of September 2018. Construction of a wind fence on the leased territory of the SIA Riga Coal Terminal stevedore company has also begun. The bearing base foundations are currently being strengthened and delivery of bearing pillars to the construction site will begin in late August.

The other construction works on Krievu Island are also being carried out according to schedule. In the territory of SIA STREK, there are fully completed freight platform constructions works and building of engineering communications, and the operational inspection and testing of engineering communications – electrical equipment, gas supply equipment, water and sewage pumping stations – has been carried out. At present, executive documentation is being prepared for the commissioning of the object. The stevedore continues to work on construction of the administrative and technological buildings in the object, currently working on the construction of container lines. It is planned to complete the installation of equipment by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, construction of underground engineering communications continues to take place in the territory of the terminal of SIA Riga Coal Terminal, reinforced concrete slabs are being laid out on the freight platforms, as well as piles for building of gantry crane roadways between the freight platforms are being driven.