Tue, 03/05/2019 - 17:29

To free the centre of Riga from coal cargo and transfer the handling of coal to the new terminals equipped with modern technologies on Krievu Island, in 2012 the Freeport of Riga Authority launched the Development of Infrastructure on Krievu Island for the Transfer of Port Activities from the City Centre project. This February, with the fist coal carriers moored and loaded, both Krievu Island terminals SIA STREK and SIA Riga Coal Terminal started their work. This means that the largest investment project in the history of the Port of Riga is nearing its completion. 

All coal cargoes coming to the Port of Riga head straight to the new Krievu Island terminals and are unloaded at the new cargo platforms. At the same time, ships take out coal cargos from Eksportosta that have been handled there. Sanita Kaire, Krievu Island Project Manager at the Freeport of Riga Authority, said: ‘Krievu Island is already fully functioning. From the beginning of February, trains have been coming to Krievu Island Station and ships have been loaded at both Riga Coal Terminal and STREK terminal.’

The first ship, coal carrier Trina Oldendorff, moored to the SIA Strek terminal on 18 February. It loaded 69.3 thousand tonnes of coal and headed for the Port of Amsterdam. Meanwhile, SIA Riga Coal Terminal accepted its first ship, bulk carrier RB MYA, on 26 February. It loaded 77 thousand tonnes of coal in the Port of Riga and departed for Porto Torres in Sardinia.

Along with handling ships, Krievu Island will continue adjusting and testing its modern handling equipment and conveyor lines and testing its technological processes. In the coming weeks, all coal cargoes will leave the centre of the city and move to Krievu Island to be handled in a more environmentally friendly way. New handling processes and a wind fence of more than 2 km will protect the environment from coal dust.