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Civilās aizsardzības mācibas

Foto: A.Siliņš

Yesterday, on June 7, with the participation of representatives of the operational services and the company, local level practical civil defence training took place in the territory of the company SIA “Riga Fertilizer Terminal”.

The aim of the training is to check and improve the established procedures and measures specified in the company's Civil Defence Plan, off-site civil defence plan, as well as to check the cooperation between the involved institutions and the company, evaluate the ability of officials to assess the situation and make decisions.

“Training, in which various types of accidents are being simulated and modeled in the Freeport of Riga both in the port water area and on land, for example, at the port terminals, is organized regularly in cooperation with operational services. This is the only way we can check the readiness of the operational service – the State Fire and Rescue Service, the Emergency Medical Service, the State and Municipal Police, the Port Police, the State Environmental Service and other services - to cooperate and mobilize in the prevention and elimination of the accident consequences. The objective is the same for all of us - to increase the cooperation capacity of the involved services and to guarantee the safety of the port territory, adjacent territories and the entire population of the city of Riga,” emphasized General Valdis Voins, the Chief of the Port Police.

“Riga Fertilizer Terminal” is the most modern and safest fertilizer handling and temporary storage facility in Northern Europe, which was put into operation at the end of 2013. The major part of the funds was invested directly in environmentally safe, internationally recognized and modern cargo handling and storage technologies.

In accordance with the procedures prescribed by law, the civil defence training is organized once a year in high-risk terminals. In addition, the company organizes internal trainings for its operational group personnel on a monthly basis.

The practical training has been implemented in compliance with the epidemiological safety measures. In order to diminish the contacts of the participants, some episodes of the training scenario were played remotely. The State Fire and Rescue Service, Riga Municipal Police, the Emergency Medical Service, the State Police, the Port Police, the Freeport of Riga Authority, the State Environmental Service, as well as representatives of the SIA “Riga Fertilizer Terminal” took part in them.

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