Tue, 10/27/2020 - 09:22

Every year, about 11 thousand tons of municipal solid waste, about 50 thousand tons of municipal wastewater and 15-20 thousand tons of water polluted with oil products are collected from ships entering the port of Riga. Ship-generated waste and polluted water is being managed in the port by the SIA “Eko osta” according to the mandate of the Freeport of Riga Authority. By strengthening the polluted water treatment capacity , the SIA “Eko osta” has built and put into operation a new pumping station and two more polluted water storage tanks, increasing the polluted water tank park by one and a half times. Due to these investments the SIA “Eko osta” is one of the largest companies in the region for the polluted water reception and treatment, as well as further processing of polluted products.

Nowadays in Europe, and especially in the Baltic Sea region, increasingly stringent environment protection standards are being introduced every year, both in maritime transport area and in port operations. “Our strategy is to continuously improve the quality of services provided in the port, as well as to modernize technologies and equipment so that all services in the port are provided in compliance with the EU regulations and client needs,” emphasized Mr.Andrejs Jaunkalns, the SIA “Eko osta” CEO. “We follow all the latest trends, both in the field of environment protection and waste recycling. By introducing more and more cost-efficient waste recycling methods, we are able to provide cost-competitive services to the port clients. By sustainable investment in process improvement and production development we confirm our ability to perform all tasks related to waste management in the port”, added A. Jaunkalns.

The SIA “Eko osta” specializes in the collection, storage, recycling and utilization of all types of ship-generated waste - municipal waste, municipal wastewater, as well as polluted water generated by vessels due to their operation. Most of the waste is recycled in-house. Due to its extensive technical support, modern technologies, waste storage and processing capacities the SIA “Eko osta” also plays an important role in the elimination of pollution in the port water area as well as collected polluted products, when necessary.

Establishment of polluted water storage and processing facilities for “Eco osta” has cost 980 thousand EUR. After the commissioning of the new tanks, “Eko osta” can receive polluted waters in tanks with a total volume of up to 17.5 thousand cubic meters. The company has also installed an electrical transformer to improve the company's electrical safety and ensure business continuity in the event of an emergency, thus increasing the overall security level within the port.