Marine Care Baltic

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The representation office of chemical goods producer Dutch company "Marine Care" has been running at Baltic States (Riga, Latvia) market since 1st March 2004.

"Marine Care" is the follower of Dutch company "Vecom" which was established more than 50 years ago and it has showed itself as a producer of high-quality chemical products.

"Marine Care" started its running in 1996 and it is one of two companies "Vecom" was divided on. All the goods are produced according to the source technologies what guarantees a high quality and relieves the usage of chemical goods for consumers who used to buy "Vecom" products.

The lasting experience in chemicals production, skilled and experienced staff, precise products delivery system and consultation of their usage as well as attentive attitude to each customer and flexible cooperation terms make Marine Care the reliable partner of leading marine and land companies in more than 30 countries.


Our company cares about efficiency of delivery to our customers, that’s why the majority of offered products always are available at warehouse in Riga. If there is no required product it will be delivered to Riga during one working week.