Transis coridors

The Freeport of Riga offers the fastest, safest and cheapest transport connections for cargo carriers, connecting important markets of the goods production and consumption in Europe and other parts of the Eurasian continent, including Russia and China. 

Current transit directions

    • Eurasian transit corridor
    A single 1520 mm gauge railway network directly connects the port of Riga with the Trans-Siberian Railway and destinations in China. These factors make it possible for the port of Riga to become an important logistics hub for multimodal transportation of Chinese cargo via Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe.
    • Riga
    • Moscow Economic Region
    The distance from Riga to the Moscow region in Russia is geographically the shortest compared to other ports on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Due to that the lowest costs for cargo transhipment between the port of Riga and the most economically active region of Russia can be provided.
    • Riga
    • Central Asia
    A rail freight corridor from the port of Riga through Russia and Central Asian countries to Afghanistan was organized for safe and timely delivery of cargo to NATO forces in Afghanistan. Today it connects Riga with various destinations in Central Asia.
    • Baltic Sea
    • Black Sea
    The container train “Zubr”, which runs on the route Riga Port - Minsk - Odessa, is the basic component of a multimodal transit corridor connecting the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea.
    • Baltic Sea
    • North sea
    The future high-speed railway line Rail Baltica with a track gauge of 1435 mm corresponding to the European railway network is part of the EU transit corridor the Baltic Sea – the North Sea. It will ensure fast and efficient cargo transit between the port of Riga, the capitals of the Baltic States and multiple European destinations up to the North Sea and the Adriatic Sea. The new multimodal freight terminals planned within Rail Baltica project will ensure fast cargo reloading from 1520 mm railway lines and efficient connection with the East-West freight corridor.

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