Repair works of Daugavgriva shore reinforcement have been completed

By reinforcing the almost 200-meter-long section of the storm-washed Daugavgriva shoreline with piles of boulders and granite stones, the repair works of the Daugavgriva shore reinforcement dam have been completed.

The renovated shore reinforcement will further protect the port area from coastal erosion and possible flood risks, as well as make the site more accessible to residents who use this port's hydro structure to reach the nearby Western Pier (Rietumu mols).

Although, according to the original plan, the works had been planned to be completed already at the beginning of the summer, during the repair works another, approximately 55-meter-long damaged section was detected, which was restored within the framework of the repair works. So by repairing the damaged, dangerous structures of the shore reinforcement, the possibility to walk by the seaside has been restored.

As it is known, due to the autumn storms and changes in the sea level, a part of the Daugavgriva shore reinforcement structures was washed away at the beginning of the year. During the technical inspection of the territory, it was detected that the concrete slabs in the damaged section of the shore reinforcement, which consists of a sand embankment and a reinforced concrete slab superstructure, have almost completely collapsed; in some sections concrete slabs are missing, while a large part of the sand embankment has been washed away.

The dam was built in 1997 as a shore reinforcement structure with the aim to protect the shoreline from erosion.

The restoration works of the Daugavgriva shore reinforcement was delivered by the SIA “ASFALTBŪVE”, which had been selected in the framework of the open procurement procedure. The repairs cost 400,255.02 euros. They were performed by order of the Freeport of Riga Authority.