"Latvijas Dzelzcels" (Latvian Railway) will provide cargo transportation via container train between Riga and Moscow

The State Sh/C "Latvijas Dzelcels" (Latvian Railway) from the beginning of October is planning to start container carriages via special container train in route Riga – Moscow – Riga. According to proposition of stevedoring companies and with support of Moscow colleagues a special train carrying containers will be organized. The train will operate once a week in compliance with the schedule. The new service will ensure container carriage from the Freeport of Riga to the Riga railway station in Moscow quickly, safely and on time. The train will not be delayed on the borders and according to the calculations the costs planned will be able to compete with road transport. The train will be formed from 37 platforms, with three universal 20 – 24 ton containers to be placed on each of the platforms.