Licensed entrepreneurial activity

According to the Free Port of Riga Law, companies that use land on legal basis, whose profile of activities and the development prospects conform to the development programme of the Free Port which, and that plan to make investments shall be entitled to receive a licensed company status. A company that will be established in the future (the applicant is the founder) shall also be entitled to apply for a licensed company status.

This Law prescribes the procedure and provisions for entering into a contract regarding entrepreneurial activity and obtaining a permit for such activity. A licensed company shall be allowed to operate in the free zone regime, namely, a set of tax relief and special customs control measures shall be applied to the territory. In this case a certificate on the conformity of the company’s territory to the free zone regime provisions has to be received from the State Revenue Service.

A licensed company status shall be basis for receiving direct and indirect tax relief under the Law "Application of Taxes in Free Ports and Special Economic Zones" and special tax laws.

Indirect taxes — customs, natural resources, excise and value added tax.

Direct taxes — enterprise and real property tax. In order to receive a direct tax relief, a licensed company shall submit reports to the State Revenue Service territorial office every year according to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia Regulations Nr. 60 "Regulations Regarding Sample Report Forms of Special Economic Zones and capital Companies of Free Ports".

Documents to be submitted for entering a contract on operations under the free zone regime and for receiving a permit.

List of companies with permits

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