Ship Agency

Documents required for conclusion of Agent's contract in the Freeport of Riga

  1. Copy of registration certificate of the association in the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia;
  2. Articles of association and copies of amendments of the articles;
  3. Notices from Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia that the employees have not been sentenced for deliberate criminal offence against property or in economic activity and that the punishability has not been withdrawn or cancelled (Clause 1, Part 5, Section 112 of the "Maritime Code", Clause 1, Section 18 of the "Law on Ports";
  4. Annual reports of previous two years approved by certified auditors (revisers);
  5. A certified copy of the civil liability insurance contract for the professional activity of the ship's agent in case of a positive answer from the Freeport of Riga on conclusion of the contract;
  6. Copies of at least 2 Ship agent certificates and a list of agents employed in the basic work;
  7. Business plan of several years for the operation of the association regarding the planned activities as a ship's agent in the Freeport of Riga for the preferable validity term of the agreement;
  8. Documents attesting the stable financial position and good reputation of the members and founders of the association in compliance with Clause 1, Section 18 of the "Law on Ports" and Clause 1, Part 5, Section 112 of the "Maritime Code".

icon Procedure for entering into contracts on ship agency