Natural and Cultural-Historical Heritage

Specially Protected Nature Territories

Two specially protected nature territories are located in the territory of the Freeport of Riga: Love Island, which is a part of the Seaside Nature Park, and the Krēmeri Nature Reserve.

The Seaside Nature Park is the third oldest nature park in Latvia, founded in 1962 with the aim to ensure the preservation and sustainable development of natural habitats and species.

The Krēmeri Nature Park was founded in 1993 with the aim to preserve an important nesting place for birds in the City of Riga. In 1999, this reserve was assigned the status of a nature reserve of national significance.

Both protected territories are administered by the Pieriga Regional Administration, which is a structural unit of the Nature Conservation Agency, a direct administration institution subordinate to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

Nature parks in map

Cultural-historical Heritage

One of the most important cultural-historical sites in the territory of the Freeport of Riga is the protected cultural monument of local significance: the Comet Fort Dam in Daugavgrīva. The Comet Fort Dam is historically related to cultural monuments of national significance: the buildings of the Daugavgrīva Fortress, as well as the complex of fortification structures of the Daugava estuary in Mangaļsala. The mole, which was constructed in 1850–1861 and whose construction was actively supervised by the Russian Tsar, who repeatedly visited it, stretches into the sea from Mangaļsala. Two stones can be found on the bank of the Daugava in the vicinity of the mole: they were named “Tsar’s Stones” in honour of the visit by the Russian Tsar Alexander II and Prince Royal Nicholas to this place.