Icebreaker Varma

Ledlauzis VARMA
Finnland 1968
Draught 6,99 m
Length 86,50 m
Beam 21,20 m
Side height
9,50 m
Displacement 4258 t
Engine power 13 763,2 ZS

Icebreaker “Varma” was built in 1968 in Finland. Latvia purchased it from Finnish Maritime Administration on 15 February 1994 for 12 million lats that were paid within a period of ten years.

Unlike other ships, the icebreaker has a rounded wedge and especially powerful engines that allow the ship to move onto the ice with inertia force and break it. “Varma” is equipped with four propellers (two at the bow and two at the stern). The ones at the bow are made of a special alloy and are intended not only for increase of maneuverability, but also “opening” of water under the ice so that it could be broken more easily.

-- Latvijas avīze 27.01.2010