The Emergency plan

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The Emergency plan document front page


The objective for the Emergency Plan of the Free Port of Riga is to provide action guidelines and recommendations not only for Latvian flag and foreign vessels in the Port water area, but also for Port facilities and commercial partners on preventative measures to be taken which prevent and reduce ES risks in the Port.

For coordinated action and close everyday cooperation among Port facilities and ship crews during ship/shore, cargo or other operations and at any time, day or night, all responsible port services and commercial partners must be prepared to take collective and coordinated ES liquidation measures.


To ensure providing everyday preventative measures, to organize instruction and training in order to timely respond to ES and thereby to prevent or reduce:

  • Threats to life and/or risks of causing health damage to the personnel employed in the Port, visitors, ship personnel, and population of the territory adjacent to the Port.
  • Environmental damage.
  • Damage to facilities and equipment of the Port, its commercial partners, tenant companies and neighbours.
  • Accident consequences and any adverse effects of the ES in the port area.

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