The Largest Ro-Ro Vessel “Endurance” has Arrived at the Port of Riga

The US vessel “Endurance”, which is the largest Ro-Ro vessel (vehicles carrier) ever accepted at the Port of Riga, arrived at the port this week.  The 265-metre-long vessel moored and was handled by the company Riga Universal Terminal Ltd. (RUT), which loaded helicopters, cars and containers of the US Armed Forces onto the vessel to deliver them back to the US within the framework of armed forces rotation.

In recent years, the Port of Riga has established good cooperation with the US Armed Forces. Units deployed to Latvia carry out logistics operations necessary for rotation via the Port of Riga. The Port of Riga has accumulated experience and earned a good reputation by transporting NATO cargo to Afghanistan for several years now. The Port of Riga has proved that it is able to ensure a high level of security and is a reliable partner. 

Atis Šulte, RUT Trade and Business Development Director, said: “Our terminal accepts and handles vessels which deliver supplies to NATO and US Armed Forces, since it complies with the necessary technical and security requirements.  We have already handled six Ro-Ro vessels with military cargo. However, the acceptance of “Endurance” at our terminal is a noteworthy event, as it is the largest vessel we have ever handled at the piers of our terminal.  It is particularly important that we have to handle military cargo and the client is the US Armed Forces.”

The handling of NATO military cargo sets a range of requirements for port companies, first of all with regard to security. Special standards must be observed during both the storage of military cargo and handling operations. Strict requirements are also set with regard to cargo purity. The observance of high standards requires the company to ensure greater carefulness, accuracy, flawless planning, as well as honest and professional work by every worker.

Atis Šulte: “At the moment, we have heard only the best reviews. The fact that the consignors of military cargo choose to work via the Port of Riga and our terminal means that they are satisfied with the services received. The reputation of the port and the terminal is definitely of particular importance. We have been able to prove that we are professionals, ready to adjust to different circumstances quickly and master everything new. We endeavour to complete every operation flawlessly in order for customers — in this case the US Armed Forces — to be satisfied with our work, the Port of Riga and Latvia”.

The fact that NATO cargo is handled via the port is a signal for companies around the world that the Port of Riga is safe and able to provide services at the highest level, meeting the requirements of the NATO armed forces.

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