The open competition is to be organized to nominate a new Freeport of Riga CEO

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The Freeport of Riga Board has adopted a conceptual resolution with the aim to find a new Freeport of Riga CEO by organizing an open competition, stipulating basic criteria for selection of the candidates for the CEO position as well as evaluation principles. The Freeport of Riga Board took a decision to establish the Freeport CEO selection nomination commission by March 1, 2017. It is planned to create the said commission by involving representatives of four ministries (Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, Ministry of Finance), two local government representatives and a representative of the Freeport as well as to call on the government social partners (Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK), Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK) and Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS). The Commission's management will be entrusted to the Ministry of Transport delegated representative.

According to the second part of the Section 6 of the Law on the Freeport of Riga the administrative staff of the Port Authority is managed by a Chief Executive Officer who is appointed to and released from his or her position by the Port Board after coordination with the Minister of Transport.

The Freeport of Riga CEO Mr.Leonids Loginovs has submitted an application to the Freeport Board Chairman Mr. Andris Ameriks on January 25, 2017, requesting to relieve him of his duties by March 10 at his own request.

Mr.Loginovs has managed the Freeport of Riga since 1998, and under his leadership the volume of the transshipped cargo has increased about 5 times, reaching a record amount of 41 million tons in 2014. In 2016 the Freeport of Riga handled 37 million tons of cargo.