“Tallink” ferries resume voyages from Riga to Stockholm on a daily basis

Tomorrow, on December 13, a ferry “Romantika” will resume its voyages from the port of Riga to Stockholm. This is the second ferry of the company “Tallink” on the route Riga - Stockholm, and the line will once again provide daily ferry traffic. Regular ferry voyages are very important for Riga port – they will ensure an increase in both passenger and cargo transshipment.

Passenger turnover at the Port of Riga is based on “Tallink” ferry line Riga - Stockholm passengers and cruise passengers. Since 2006, when the regular passenger route from Riga to Stockholm by ferry line was launched by “Tallink” there was a significant increase in passenger numbers at the Riga port. The ferry passengers annually account for around 90% of the total number of passengers at the port. By contrast, from August 2014, when the company “Tallink” adopted a decision to relocate the ferry “Romantika” to another port, leaving only one ship on the route Riga - Stockholm, there was a perceptible decrease in the number of passengers at the port of Riga. In 2015 457.1 thousand passengers were transported by liners, which represented 87% of the total number of passengers at the port. This year, even with only one ferry in operation, “Tallink” demonstrated the ability to increase the number of passengers. During 11 months of the current year 460.7 thousand passengers were transported, which is by 9% more than during the last year's respective period. Return of the ferry “Romantika” to the route Riga - Stockholm will ensure regular daily ferry services between Latvia and Sweden, as well as provide better travel options. Subsequently, the volume of passenger traffic and the number of passenger ships will increase at Riga port and Riga Passenger Terminal.

Daily ferry voyages renewal at the Freeport of Riga plays is important role for the cargo segment as well. “Tallink” is the only company that provides a regular ferry service from the port of Riga, and ferry transport accounts for nearly 100% of the Ro-Ro (trucks) cargo turnover at the port. Regular daily ferry connection between Riga and Stockholm, which will be resumed with the ferry “Romantika” return, is very important, maintaining efficiency of Latvian transport corridors and the importance of the port of Riga as the best hub for transit cargo from China and Central Asia to Scandinavia.