In the framework of NATO Transport Group meeting the FPRA shares its NATO cargo transportation experience

On October 11 the representatives of the Freeport of Riga Authority (FPRA) Port Police and Marketing Department briefed the participants of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Transport group offsite meeting about the infrastructure of the Freeport of Riga and the experience of NATO cargo transportation. Annual NATO Transport Group offsite meetings are held in one of the NATO member-states or partner countries to address the military cargo transportation issues. This year's meeting is held in Riga on October 11 - 13 with the participation of NATO member states, as well as of partner countries’ national experts, whose activities are related to the military cargo transportation. Although the Port of Riga has been a reliable partner of NATO in regards of military cargo transshipment since 2009, the meeting in Riga was a great opportunity to once again demonstrate the advantages of the Riga port infrastructure facilities and service quality.

Since 2009, in the framework of the Northern supply network more than 95 000 TEU of containerized cargo were transported via the port of Riga. Participation in the military cargo transportation has contributed to the international recognition of Latvia in NATO and enhanced the Freeport’s image of a reliable and efficient partner. At the same time the Freeport of Riga is also used for the transport of goods for military training needs in the Baltic region.

The FPRA representatives informed the meeting participants about the practical experience of the NATO cargo transportation via the Riga port. The high quality of service at the Riga port terminals was highlighted by providing information from the port companies, real case examples and customer feedback. The port police spokesman answered questions related to port’s and terminals’ security, the implementation of required standards and control tools. The FPRA representative stressed that high quality services provided by both port terminals and port management as well as effective cooperation between the terminals and the Port Authority are crucial for the NATO cargo transportation. The port companies are the ones that ensure qualitative port and freight logistics services, while the Port Authority is responsible for the overall security of the port. “Riga Universal Terminal" Ltd is the most experienced company of the Freeport of Riga enterprises in regards of military cargo transshipment. Customers appreciate not only the technical capabilities of the terminal, service speed, quality and reliability, but also cooperative attitude and the ability to solve non-standard situations.