The cargo turnover at the Freeport of Riga has risen by 3,2%

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During the first five months of the current year the Freeport of Riga handled ten million tons of cargoes, which is by 3,2% more than during the respective period of the last year, when 9,7 MLN tons were handled.

5,7 MLN tons of bulk cargoes were handled during this year, which is by 14,9% more than during first five months of the last year, when 4,9 MLN tons of bulk cargoes were handled.

Within this year the amounts of general and liquid cargoes have decreased.

During five months 2,6 MLN tons of general cargoes were handled which is by 7% less. The largest part of these cargoes were timber the amount of which has decreased by 9,4% reaching 1,7 MLN tons. Likewise 581 200 tons of containerised cargoes were handled, which is by 2,8% less than last year.

The amount of liquid cargoes this year decreased by 12% reaching 1.6 MLN tons of which 1,5 MLN tons were oil products – by 14,7% less. 27 200 tons of lpg were handled in the Freeport.

Within five months period 49 769 passengers were serviced, which is by 40,2% less than last year. Of those, 10 756 persons were cruise passengers, the number of which has reduced four times.