The Riga Port is represented at the European Cruise Council conference 2010

On 14 September 2010 in Brussels, Belgium, the European Cruise Council conference 2010 took place; experts of the sphere from all Europe and even further eastern and western countries gathered there to discuss development of cruise services in Europe. Latvia was represented in this conference by Inita Luna, Head of the Freeport of Riga Authority Cruise Ships and Passengers Division.

During the conference, several themes affecting the development of cruise industry were discussed in six plenary sessions. In the first three plenary sessions, themes connected with cruise industry in Europe were discussed, covering both economic aspects, as well as perspectives and challenges, and future possibilities of the industry in Europe. Also, interaction of the environment and regulation was discussed, and the possible innovations of future technologies were reviewed.

In the next three plenary sessions, in discussions and participants exchanging experience, emphasis was put on the operation of ports, discussing matters related to safety, quality of passenger attending and determination of future priorities, as well as adjustment of services compliant with the needs of the consumers.

Conference of the European Cruise Ship Council is organized every year in Brussels, gathering several tenths of experts of the sphere from cruise ship agencies, ports and cruise lines so as to change with experience, discuss problems of the sphere and review the perspectives of cruise industry in Europe.