Fram and Grand Mistral call the port of Riga for the first time

On the second half of the May, cruise ships are calling the Freeport of Riga almost every day. Among them two cruise ships have never been in Riga before – Norwegian Fram (opetor: Hurtigruten ) on May 20, and Spanish Grand Mistral (operator: Iberocruceros) on May 21.

Fram called the port of Riga during the city marathon. Crew members confessed that they were not informed about of the marathon before otherwise they certainly would have participated in it. Captain of the vessel highlighted the positive changes and development of the port since his last visit 15 years ago. Fram is an expedition cruise ship equipped for navigation in the Arctic, as well as in much warmer seas. The vessel is relatively small, 11tk GT and 113m long. During summer season Fram is sailing in the Baltic Sea region. Captain of the Fram points out that shipping in BSR has become highly competitive today. Cruise ships nowadays are getting bigger so they are able to offer better deals at lower cost to their passengers that small expedition vessels cannot afford. However, the advantage of an expedition ship is the product with higher value added, because passengers are provided with educational lectures, workshops and guided tours that are usually more extreme than those offered on leisure cruise ships. The crew of Fram recognizes Riga as a great destination for expedition cruising and will return to the port next season too. 

Far different than Fram was the Spanish cruise vessel Grand Mistral, whose call to the port of Riga we have been waiting since last year. The ship arrived on a rainy but warm day. When going to meet with the captain, representatives of the Freeport of Riga Authority were surprised by the passengers who didn’t let the rain to spoil their day. On the contrary - passengers used the moment sing while waiting for the excursions to begin. The captain of the Grand Mistral has also been in Riga - in 2009 with Grand Voyager. Captain complimented by saying that he is always happy to come to Riga. On the board of the Grand Mistral ruled pleasant atmosphere generated by the positive attitude of crew members and bright interior. Grand Mistral is 216m long and 48tk GT, which is 4 times larger than the expedition ship Fram.  With Grand Mistral 1225 passengers arrived to Riga, mostly from Spain and Portugal.

Different ships and different people arrive to Riga. We are truly pleased that the city has much to offer to everyone. Until the end of May to Riga will arrive Spanish, French and German cruise operators, but the most famous guest will be the Italian Costa Pacifica on May 30, which is the largest cruise ship ever called the port of Riga.