Port of Riga opens cruise season 2012

Cruise and Passenger Division of the Freeport of Riga Authority in cooperation with VFS Films have created a new film The Style Lives On, available for viewing on

A few years ago we committed ourselves to discover the secret of attraction of the city Riga. We knew that alone we wouldn’t make it, thus went into the whole wide world with the question - why Riga? Today we have found the answer.

The film was created with an intention to attract and inspire cruise tourists to visit Riga. Riga historically has been a city that brings together very different people. Each of them has its own reasons to love this city and to return again. We wanted colour up some of these stories, while also showing how to get to know Riga by four different means of transportation - by bike, by limo, by boat, by tram. Films and stories are intertwined and united with the theme of Art Nouveau, which for Riga is famous in the world. The film will be equally interesting to the inhabitants of Riga, because often in the daily rush we miss the small details that create our city's personality and distinguish it from others. Style through the centuries, reveals the title of the film. But is not only the Art Nouveau what makes Riga special. This relatively small European city is intertwined with a variety of styles, architectures and cultures. The city has much to offer for tourists.

The cruise season 2012 is to be very busy, 98 cruise calls are expected in the port of Riga. Approximately 80 thousand cruise tourists from all over the world will visit Riga. The increase of American and German tourists is expected, but we are also pleased to have cruise guests from exotic places - Australia, Canada, Vietnam or Madagascar.

The plaque of the Port of Riga will be given to 11 ships this season, which will call the port of Riga for the first time. Among these, two are expected this month - Fram on May 20 Grand Mistral on May 21.

The cruise season this year was opened with the call of graceful MSC Lirica on the April 30. Very likely, this will be the longest cruise season so far - according to the schedule the last cruise call is expected on November 18.