Clipper Odyssey and Marina call the port of Riga for the first time

16th of June has been an important day for the port of Riga due to two cruise news. We are proud to announce the welcoming of two maiden calls in one day - Clipper Odyssey (Zegrahm Expeditions) and Marina (Oceania Cruises)! These cruise ships significantly differs each from the other, seemingly their only common feature is the date of the first visit in the port of Riga.

Cruise ship Clipper Odyssey was built in 1989 following the Japanese order. The ship can accommodate about a hundred people on board, but in the framework of cruise "Baltic Odyssey" 52 passengers visited Riga. Clipper Odyssey offers mainly the entertaining expedition cruises rather than leisure travels. The ship in her history has traveled to all sorts of places in the world, starting from Kamchatka ending with Mediterranean. Although the crew says that “this is the ship that follows the sun”, she has no problem going for expeditions to Alaska - the vessel has all the equipment necessary for traveling in cold waters. The crew reveals that daily lectures are held for their guests in order to educate them about history, culture and architecture of each destination. Such a lecture had been held before the arrival at the port of Riga as well. During the day, passengers took a city tour, but returning on board, guests will be sharing their impressions of what they have heard in lectures and what actually saw in the city. In order to highlight the impressions about their experience in Riga, passengers will watch Why Riga film as they cover the story about our city.

Freeport of Riga Authority representatives did not have a chance to meet the Captain of Clipper Odyssey, as he had joined the passengers in the city tour (which most certainly is a compliment to our town as an attractive cruise destination), however for the memory of the first call in Riga, the plaque of the port was presented to the crew of Clipper Odyssey, which in exchange presented the memorial signs of their ship. Sending greetings to the Captain and thanking the crew for a warm reception on board of the Clipper Odyssey, Freeport of Riga Authority representatives went on to greet Dimitrios Flokos, the Captain of cruise ship - Marina.

Marina is a brand new cruise ship, which its way through the world's seas started only this year. Marina is currently traveling on the Baltic Sea cruise "Baltic Treasures" from Stockholm to Copenhagen on the way stopping at the port of Riga. Marina took to Riga 1240 city guests. Passengers were offered excursions not only in the capital city, but also further to Turaida and Sigulda.

Differently from expedition trips, this cruise ship offers to guests an exquisite entertainment and a special care for their comfort. The vessel was built in Italy, interior worked out by Italian designers as well (except for the exclusive cabins decorated by Ralph Lauren Home designs). Decks are decorated with modern artworks; special emphasis is put on the lightings. Guests are provided with six gourmet-type restaurants, art gallery, SPA center, an impressive library and, of course, evening programs with performances of various artists. The ship's upper deck is devoted for guests’ relaxation in the fresh air.

In a small plaque exchange ceremony Captain of Marina gave to the Riga Freeport honorary plaque, especially dedicated for the inaugural call to the port of Riga.