Riga port opens the cruise season 2011

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In 19th of May Riga port was called by the first cruise ship of summer season - Le Boreal. This ship's arrival made the cruise season opening a very special event for the port of Riga, because it was Le Boreal’s first visit to Riga.

Le Boreal is the French cruise, custom-made in Italy, high class expedition ship with an exquisite interior. Exclusive expedition ship offers to its passengers travels all over the world. The captain pointed out that Le Boreal remains faithful to the philosophy - to provide its passengers with a unique and subtle luxury, intimacy and well-being on the board, as well as off the board. Le Boreal is 142 meters long and can accommodate up to 264 passengers. To guarantee the special care and exclusivity of trips to its passengers - a crew of 140 people works on board, including the artists who offer a special program and fine musical performances to the guests. Although Le Boreal is not a big cruise ship, but being an expedition cruise, it is able to provide all passengers with expedition equipment necessary to entering any site selected from the tropical waters to the Arctic.

Le Boreal is now sailing in the Baltic Sea region, taking in passengers at ports of Stockholm and Copenhagen. The main destination to the current expedition route is St. Petersburg, but on its way the cruise with 204 passengers called Riga for the first time. For Port of Riga the visit of this cruise is very significant, because Le Boreal is one of the newest ships, which have ever visited Riga, Le Boreal is built in 2010. Also important is the fact that the city of Riga is an interesting destination for expeditions passengers - this summer, Le Boreal will call the port of Riga 3 more times.

Presenting the flag of Port of Riga, Le Boral Captain was greeted by Inita Luna, Head of cruise ship and passengers division of Freeport of Riga Authority.