Environmental Protection


Free Port of Riga Authority operates in compliance with the environmental policy approved within framework of the environment management system, the aim of which is to ensure that the Port of Riga becomes one of the environmentally friendliest ports in the North-Eastern region of the Baltic Sea. Environmental policy is implemented by:

  • carrying out constant improvements of the Port Authority service provisions technologies with lower consumption of resources and more careful attitude towards the environment;
  • ensuring compliance with the environment protection requirements provided for in laws and regulations and other mandatory documents in activities carried out by all structural units of the Port Authority;
  • facilitating introduction of environmentally friendly raw materials and technologies in the Free Port of Riga;
  • carrying out activities for pollution reduction;
  • increasing awareness of the society and the Port’s business partners of the environment management policy, aims and tasks, as well as accomplished tasks in the environment protection area.

Operation of the Free Port of Riga Authority, its interaction with the environment has been evaluated within framework of the environment management system and the essential environmental aspects have been identified. The specific aspects of the Free Port of Riga Authority operation are related to management of the vessel waste, dust caused in the result of coil cargo reloading, port territory pollution risk and turnover of dangerous and polluting cargos.

icon Ship-generated Waste Management Plan of the Freeport of Riga

Being aware of the importance of these specific aspects the Free Port of Riga Authority has drawn up documents appointing responsible structures and determining procedures for management of vessel waste and action in case of unexpected pollution in the Free Port of Riga.